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visual images caused by seizures

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    visual images caused by seizures

    A woman who survived a cyst in the brain had a second medical event recently in which she had a Deja Vu type feeling and then thought she had thrown something out in the trash because it was so clear in her mind but when she “woke up” from this state she had not moved at all from her chair. Her doctor is not sure if it was a seizure, a stroke, or side effects from the brain damage the cyst caused. She was on anti seizure meds for the brain cyst. I know seizures can cause auras and other types of visual disturbance. She wanted me to ask the folks here if an intense feeling of having done something with the visual image of it(without moving) could be caused by a seizure???
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    Hi funnylegs,
    There have been times in my past when I would see things that weren't there and then I would go into a seizure. My neuro told me it was a simple partial (aura) seizure that led into a complex partial seizure
    I know that when a person has a cyst on the brain it can sometimes cause seizures. The only other thing that could have happened is maybe your friend had a seizure in their sleep. I had a sleep study done and
    found out this was happening to me until I went on vimpat and then the seizures stopped. Here's wishing you and your friend only the best of luck and May God Bless the Both of You!