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My dearest sister

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    My dearest sister

    :angel: your memory is strong tonight:angel:

    Your family here on earth misses you so strongly. I miss you so greatly tonight. We are approaching the second year of your passing. September 18th. This weekend is labor day. I think of how you always liked to make every national holiday special. You were always very patriotic. You were passionate about so many righteous things. Tonight I was just doing searches for videos on you tube. I ran across this tribute to the victims of 911. You so loved this song. I think you would have loved to see this version. We had your Brother and law play it at your funeral. He made it personal buy putting you and Marks name in it on one of the verses.

    Anyway, I thought that since it's Labor Day and it's the anniversary of the the fall of the towers I would share this video.

    I will always remember the graceful way you left us Sis. Everything about you had meaning. I will remember.

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    I love you sis
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    Hi Deedeelyn ~ I'm so sorry for the loss of your dear sister. The pain seems to never end. But you gave her a wonderful tribute here -- and I'm sure your memories of her will last a lifetime. Please know that you'll be in my prayers. God bless and please take care. Hugs, Lee
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      Thanks for sharing your story ! I lost my soul-mate, my DH to ER doctor neglect. My DH Had a seizure disorder, and died because the Dr. wouldn't listen to me. Who was I ? just the person that knew my DH best, knew what worked as far as his seizures etc. This was a Dr. we had never seen, and I hardly ever took my DH to the ER.....I mostly dealt with the seizures at home, although this last one happened at our family's place of business......and so the Ambulance was called......Many,many "WHAT IF's went thru my mind then and still today.....I have never gotten over the loss of my soul-mate, and don't think I ever will. I remarried, but it isn't working out......and after almost 5 yrs of marriage, I think it is time to tell the liar I live with GOOD-BYE


        Hi Terry1717,

        Your story is very tragic. I can only imagine how great your loss is. I'm sure you do have many What if's. Just imagine that your soulmate not wanting you to live questioning reasons but to honor him with acceptance. I hope you find peace someday with this.

        I know a bunch of wonderful ladies in the Emotional Support Forum that you should introduce yourself to. We may be able to help you with your second issue. We welcome all. I can imagine if you are now living with a liar ,you would need a lot of support. Go ahead and lurk around , feel free to jump in anywhere.

        Best wishes to you


          Memories Survive

          Hi Deedee,

          I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your sister. You must have been so close. I'm a little jealous since my relationship with mine has never been a good one. I know she will live on in your heart and many others she touched.

          Hi Terry,

          My condolences on losing your husband to doctor error. That must be very tough to swallow. But consider yourself lucky to have found your soulmate and have had the chance to live with him. Some of us never get that chance and spend our lives wondering and wandering. I'm sure he would want you to be happy since he's passed, just as you would want the same thing for him.

          I hope you both find a sense of peace as time passes and the loss is not so new and raw.
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