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    too much goinh om

    [B]sorry my eyes are blurry from diabetes or meds or whatever. the 2 tornadoes have passes, ffriends have become overly pulled too thin and left, I don't blsame them just miss them terribly. ,u children are still squabbling over what is hubby and mine. hubby runs his mouth his ords, without consulting me before he tells children what they cn have, we are still waitint for his truck to be repaired fter his wreck. I gvinally got toe healed after mny months of wound care only to step on the plastic stool that grandkids used to brush teeth, well I was using it to climb into bed so I would not slide off the slick sheets. unless the sheets re slick, I cznnot move on them at all with my dead n numb limbs. so without my knowint it, I had one foot under the stool trying to get onto the bed while I was putting my whole weight on the stool. uikes now I have another injury. no people, my extremities aren't dead,they are long past that. I cannot get my wheelchairinto housze to even drag a dust mop behind me. hubby and son thinks house is terrible but I don't have a magic eand to lan it. it it is kindA HARD TO DO IF YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO USE 2 CANES TO WALK AND TIRE OUT AFTER EVERY FEW STEPS.

    BUT LUCKILY FOR ME I HAVE 2 KITTIES THAT CONTRIBUTE TO fuzz in the air bu the peace they bring is so wprth it. let therestof family rage on over who gets what before we are even gone. kitties come for loving, not treats and calm me down better than any medication. and I like you folks that are in emotional support andmiss you. so don't feel bad that I am complzining to you because I hope everyone know its called emotional support and we all understand everyone benefits when we keep in touch. my real friends may be healthy and have jobs, family is too busy unless they need something but here is the comfort zone. take special care of yourselves and know your life means something to other people because of you being here and offering a word every now and then. I hope I can return occasionally to repay. but just know if I am not online, that does not mean you are forgotten so hang in there. maybe thinhs c ldAr up and I work out comuter or health problems and return some time. and hope to find out how my online friends have been faring. take care, late oh yes, my 80 yearold brothers alzhemiers has progessed and his 71 year old wife has had a brain b leed. she went to doctor because she fell out. they asked her questions and sent her home. next day she fell out again. so this time an amb ulancd was called nd zshe was flown to a large city. unfordtunately she has had 2 strokes since so things are not looking good for her at all. and my brother will not do very well without her. . my right eye has taken to twitching a lot and I think all the stress is getting to me. it is not the staying homd, I have had to do that for years. its all the other things I have no control over or say so even with kids and hubby that is making things more difficult. no need for any response, I know you are good people and I have the kitty power going for me ..wink wink. just take good care of yourselvesr. sorry for the rambling and no proofreading. later I hope./B]

    Oh, Joy -- I wish things were better and easier for you. I wish I could help! But I will pray for God to help you. ((( hugs for Joy )))


      Oh Joy so sweet to hear from you as usual. I am so sorry about your children, sometimes they do things that make you wonder to yourself how they could possibly be your children, you didn't raise them that way. I am happy to hear your furbabies are giving you some comfort. You know I was kind of thinking that of all that is going on around you, the stuff your children are clamoring for, is just that, "stuff". You have you, Mr. Joy, and your health that are the most important things. They can't take that from you and those are the things you need to put your energy into. They sound ungrateful and greedy and i am sure there is no changing them. Maybe call your lawyer and look into some restraining orders. Sorry to hear about your brother and his wife, it sounds like a terrible situation. I am praying for you and Mr. Joy. Love you bunches Joy and can't wait to hear from you again.
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        phn from shingles feels like a thing stuck in my brain to a lotta pain

        so other than being 30 pounds overweight guess i look normal

        then people "shut up and get a life"

        going back to sleep
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        "Here's an unpopular opinion: I'm actually not at all concerned about innocent men losing their jobs over false sexual assault/harassment allegations. Sorry. If some innocent men's reputations have to take a hit in the process of undoing the patriarchy, that is a price I am absolutely willing to pay." Teen Vogue writer Emily Lindin



          thanks you all I have one eye that twitches a LOT aNnd that is not helping anything. I also have another foot injury. my bed is kinda tall and I use slick sheets so that it is easier for me to move. I use to have to lie on my back all night until my back and sides got so bad. at least with the nylon satin like bottom sheet I canmove so,e. so it is very important I gedt onto bed good or I will slide onto floor hurting something for sure. so I have a small plSTIC STOOL THAT I have left over from grandchildren days that they used to stand at bathroom sink to brush their teeth. perfect for me. until the other night I could not get on the bed. I was trying pretty hart too. well dummy here had somehow gotten my toes on left foot inder the stool but was standing with all my weight on the right foot. I mean, come on now, lol, does anyone else have this kind of troubles with their dead extremities. so just waiting and watching wjere I pulled the skin off and seeing just how blie foot will tirn. hubby has fdlt to see if I broke any of ghe toes and he thinks not.

          so everyday is a new day to see what I cAn come up with. I am feeling pretty crazy with my eye jumping. but I will sirive because this just goes along with the dYS MY MUSCLES twitch from my peripheral neuroapju. and I know I am a lot better off than my sister in law. still think of her during prayer times. tale cRE of yourselve our group is getting smaller and we don't need to lose people.


            So very good to hear from you again, Joy. I just wish you had better news :) . I can get into and out of pretty easily unless my cats are blocking the way!


              Good Lord Joy I love you, lol ever since I have known you you are doing something bad to yourself. I am not saying you may have a clumsiness issue LOL okay maybe I am but I surely wish you would slow down. We love ya and want ya around for years to come. (((((HUGS)))))


                i read some diabetes can be reversed by keto diet
                "Here's an unpopular opinion: I'm actually not at all concerned about innocent men losing their jobs over false sexual assault/harassment allegations. Sorry. If some innocent men's reputations have to take a hit in the process of undoing the patriarchy, that is a price I am absolutely willing to pay." Teen Vogue writer Emily Lindin


                  at our house we eat what we have on hand. i cannot stand upright for long. and i have been wearing braces on both knees because the left one especially has started having a catch in it that causes me to drop right where i am. i have a wheelchair that i leave in vehicle for visits to doctors, demtists and wound care. other than that i seldom leave the hose for anything. so best i cn do is try and keep dry beans on hand. so i eat whatevr hubby brings home, lol. i do not eat much sweets and such and usually my sugar is good enough when they take it at docotr office. myhands are so dead that i have a hard time with the tiny blood strips and with the stick pins. the blood often dries before i get it all together, lol. so i have permission i just try my best and oo also forgo the daily testing.

                  i did go for eye exam and was told that the twitching was probabl stress. with the bad month with sister in laws anuerism and strok followed by dying, yep i have stress. but the twitching started before all this so i believe it can be blamed on pain. so i will try and measure out my tooshort supply of pain medicine. i do get adequate enough muscle relaxors but had not been taking the full amont. i like having some held in rserve knowing that muscle relaxors will also be cut shorter soon just as my pain mdicines was. i will be glad to get my mammofram and bone density exMS OVER WITH. i love the hot weather as it helps my body so much mre than the cold weather does.

                  i am tring my best to keep up wit visiting my brother as i know how difficult this time alone is for him. but i also know that my compn and worries will not take her place. they had such a good marriage and so i know a life alone is almost untolerable for someone who has lost the love of their life. but i wil do what i can. and oh yes, brother has 2 cats also, lol. so i am hoping for kitty power to work ts magic for him also. i can still remember being so surprised wen he was given his first cat. and wasn't long before he had a second one. so there you ave it, our mothers' special talent to her children. i can emember her cring for injured kittens, washng ther little natty matted eyes and such wit great care. so we both learned how to care for small creatures that way from our mother. our daddy was a farmer so often so busy that we did very well if we saw him for ashort timeafter dark. but he wasn't against allowing us to follow the kitties t the corn crib where mice were or even to chicken house where snakes would get into the hens nest to steal eggs or even baby chicks. cats had a job to do on the farm just as did everyone, lol. take care al. hope you have a good weekend and a restful afternoon tommorow. later


                    ((((((Joy)))))) ~

                    The loss of your sister in law is so painful for all of you, and bless you for helping your brother. With all that you have to go through, I'm sure that he is grateful for your love and support.

                    Thank you for sharing your memories of your brother's cats and your farm life. I could visualize it all.

                    My prayers are with you, and I send you healing, positive energy. Abundant blessings upon you, your husband, brother, and family.

                    Love & Light,


                    *Virtual Hugs Are Germ-Free!
                    Mom to Jon, 49, & Michael, 32, born with an undiagnosed progressive neuromuscular disease. Angel Michael received his wings in 2003. Angel Jon received his wings in 2019. In 2020, Jim, their Dad, joined them.


                      [B]thank you so much Rose. i never checkninto braintalk withoutvreading ALL the forums. i feel like everyone at bt is one large group of caring loving individuals. each has their vtroubles, illness etc but all understands this and is supportive. and that in todays world means as much if not more than it did all those long years ago when i joined trying to find facts and helpwith my own health problems. and then not long after how to care for my mother with her beginning alzheimers. tho at first i later learned she had low b12 and had had a tia. but she was put on arceipt for alz. and knowing that made her close up faster than she should have. how i wished i had handled things differently but with my hearing problems from menieres and problems that causes i just did best as i could. i was always thankful my hubby was understanding and helpful when it came t caring for her. i am finding he is willing to help now as at 80 years old, my brother is now on same path as our mother was.

                      i have to say that braintalk has always had gfood role model of other loving caring peole to show how to lead the way in caring for others. no shortaGE HERE OF GOOD loving caregivers. i am thankful for all the guidance and just having a place to read how others have maintain and lived on and survived throgh unthinkable things. it helps and makes one know that to keep trying, you are not alone and not doing anything that many many others have done before you and are still in there trying. it means a lot.

                      i remember that my mother, even after she stopped talking much, how much she hated the time i spent on the compuyer. i was on the computer researching how others managed what i was trying to do all the many long days and night for years. how to stay afloat and be ready for the next day of more of th same or worse. i remember the last really long stretch was over 7 years. hubby still had to work. we startedd off asking brother and his wife to keep mother every other weekend. she loved being with them, it was a hange of things at first and she was not as bad then. then it moved to please keep her every 3rd weekend. i have to say hubby is a keeper because he is willing to let me try and do as much as i can even tho i haven't rn a dust mop since way before Christmas (true), lol. but this past weekend we went to lake, water was up tp hight but it was a trip at least and we took brother, and i saw first hand just how far brothers alz. has increased. he is grieving of course but i knew he needed to get out just for a change. he had alreay started talkig about taking a trip to his sons, who both live in FL. woah, no he does not understND that you just cannot up and go because of some virus. so our short trip gave hubby and i a chance to see what we'd be attempting if we wanted to t ry. hubby also has a neice that lives in FL. i kinda have my doubts if we could manage. we will have to see just how antsy he gets. at least he has a daughter that lives just right near him on his side of the farm. she has already said her and her husband have a vacation planned for july 12. we did not ask who she had in mind to take over, she has grown children and James adopted Lindas' girl so we just offered to do what we could. boy now that is gonna be scarier than just a 3 dy weekendeither the vacation time for them or trip to FL. Just one day at a time and see if we are able to move the next seems to be the best plan so far.