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    Nice thing

    Yesterday my dentist (he's now just available for emergencies) preformed some sort of root canal on my left "eye tooth" which is part of a complicated bridge. He said over and over that this was a rare procedure only done in about 2% of root canals. ??? It was a long, difficult time but I did fine and went home.

    This morning, around 11:30, the young woman who assisted him called me. She said they wanted to know how I was, how I was doing. They would be closing soon but wanted to hear from me. I was astounded... told them I was 100% with no problems.

    Then I cried. How amazing to have somebody care.

    That is so very decent of them!

    A number of times I've had dental work done and been told that I'd be called the next day to see how I was doing but those calls never came. I'm glad to know you're doing OK--some root canals can be very grim.
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