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Horrible news about Brandon

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    Horrible news about Brandon

    Brandon has been attempting to get into a relationship with a child hood sweetheart. They have had crushes on each since about six years old. She is extricating herself from a very bad relationship with an alcoholic who is supposed to be signing off on the house even though he has already moved out. He calls getting his kids on the occasdional weekend or during the week while she works babysitting. Like they are not his kids. He talks terrible about her around the kids and the kids are young and passing on what they hear to their mother. She is going through a lot and her and Brandon are trying to create a relationship during this mess.

    Brandon finally has health insurance and made an appt for a physical and to pick a new doc. First thing he wanted done was a full STD panel because he hasn't had one since the beginning of his last relationship with that bitch of 6 years left him. He hasn't been with anyone since except he and his new love have consummated their relationship. the doc office called him, a nurse mind you, and told him over the phone that he has Herpes. Not simplex 1 but 2. And his numbers are high enough that it is believed that he has had it for a long time. We are devastated. This affects the whole rest of his life. He has not told her yet, he is getting a second opinion because he has questions and the doc office was not very forthcoming with information. I told him to go to the health department, they have specialists there that can inform him better. He is afraid to go locally because he might see someone he knows. I told him they do other things there. Don't have sex with her and wait until new tests results come back. There is a chance of false positive especially if he has other things going on which he does. Then tell her she needs to be checked. He knows the relationship is over but is hoping to remain friends. He needs to tell her asap but they rarely get to see each other face to face because she is so busy.

    Christine -- oh, I'm so sorry to hear this. I wish there were something ……
    I'll keep Brandon in my prayers.