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    Snow, snow, snow

    Wow, have we had a LOT of snow -- a record since 1982. And I live in a condo and pay a fortune for lawn care, exterior maintenance and SNOW REMOVAL. I haven't been able to get out of my driveway since Friday. Finally, around 10:30 this morning, my driveway was shoveled and I could get onto the street. I was out in a flash and on my way to Walmart. I get a big thrill from small blessings

    I am always so very glad to see that at least there are some people that keep emotional support forum open. Cause I know I have not done my part. It had always been this way with me, when I am down & should stay connected, I donít. Not that I am happy that others have a need for this forum. Just glad that most are smarter & know sharing is beytet😉


      Originally posted by joy View Post
      I am always so very glad to see that at least there are some people that keep emotional support forum open. Cause I know I have not done my part. It had always been this way with me, when I am down & should stay connected, I don’t. Not that I am happy that others have a need for this forum. Just glad that most are smarter & know sharing is beytet��
      Thank you, Joy, I spend a lot of time - too much time -- being down, so I understand what you are saying. I spend a lot of time making plans to lift myself up. Today I'm going to the Chinese restaurant for lunch and then, whee, shopping at Walmart. I'll still be alone but it beats being here alone.


        It's 11* right now. Eleven degrees COLD, and our high temperature is supposed to be 14*. No snow - just cold. I'm going to church and I'm thankful for lots of things including my safe car and a full tank of gas.


          hey jingle and all!

          well, we finally got our first measurable snow fall this winter, right here in the motorcity. probably 6-7", although my bf says he thinks 8" at his house (he lives two miles from it started late friday night and by afternoon saturday, was prolly at the 4" mark. i shoveled out a path for my dog, nora, to get to the yard. unfortunately with her arthritis, i noticed her back legs were a little wobbly after walking through the snow. she has to walk around and sniff about 10 minutes. i don't think she's in pain. my bf said if she was nervous about going outside, she wouldn't and that's probably true. i'm thinking of shoveling the yard or at least pushing away most of the snow to the edges. it's supposed to be 40 degrees on wednesday, but today, monday, will be like 6 degrees. then back to 17 degrees on thursday.

          so, i shoveled snow before i went grocery shopping on saturday. the parking lot was so empty that they were already clearing snow from a lot of empty places. the store was nearly empty and i bet most people went shopping on friday. the driving wasn't horrible because the snow was powdery, but people were not driving crazy, so no problems. i just went to one store instead of the usual 3, so we were done quickly. i came home and shoveled some more. i even shoveled out the parking space in front of my house in case someone needed to get in and out quickly.

          i love shoveling snow, especially late at night. it's so quiet and sometimes you hear other shovels scraping, too.

          hey! i just ran outside and checked the moom! it was almost all red, with just a crescent of yellow showing. it'll be all red for about an hour and then start receding back to all yellow. we saw this same kind of "blood red" lunar eclipse about 2 years ago. we drove up to the lakeshore about 2miles from my house and parked on a sidestreet and watched from there. a lot of people were doing that. the other one happened in warmer weather, so it was easier to stay out and watch almost the whole eclipse. pretty sure it was summer.

          my son turned 41 on the 18th, a few days ago. he's my oldest. a really nice man. never been married. i don't think i spoiled him, i think he just hasn't found "the one", although he's dated several for periods of time.

          you know jingle, i don't know too much about you, although i know you like to bake and you have cats and back problems and you're kind. do you have any family close to you? children? i don't mean to be nosy and you don't have to answer, i won't take offense. i think it just gives people another avenue to talk about the more we know about someone. whatever you feel comfortable talking about . it's nice to write here and vent and tell personal stuff because of the anonymity. facebook is different. your name is out there in full view. and sometimes when you vent, someone has a good suggestion or support. i know i had so much support here when my mom was in the nursing home with alzheimer's and i was her medical power of attorney. there were so many days i vented and so many people who supported me and i will forever be grateful for their kindness.

          my colonoscopy went well. they removed a benign polyp the size of half a lentil. they said it never would have developed into cancer because it was a certain type of polyp that doesn't. my bf is going to an orthopedist to talk about a knee replacement. the first doctor he saw just said to get the knee replaced. no shots will help. my bf went to get a second opinion. the doctor there removed an ounce of fluid from his kneecap and did give him a shot. my bf had about a week's worth of no pain, but he says it's starting to stiffen up again when he sits in the car to drive and bends his knee. i don't know why the first doctor didn't even bother to remove the fluid . he could have at least tried the shot, but to not remove fluid? that seems kind of not kosher to me. i liked the second doctor better, anyway.

          my middle daughter lives in troy, ny and i see from the weather report that they got about 11 inches of snow and are now getting ice on top of that. my youngest daughter works for the tsa and she is not getting paid for working. she has a 2 month emergency fund saved and she said she'll be able to pay mortgage in february, but not after that. she said a lot of restaurants in the airport and a market near the airport are bringing food for the tsa workers to eat during their shifts. people are so nice to help....strangers, yet they know how hard it is. too bad our freaking president doesn't.

          good night before i start ranting about that idiot....but at least lady justice is getting closer to him and his cadre of white house crooks, including the family.

          thank you for sharing and caring,
          WE ARE BT!
          "The world is a better place when you're barefoot." Mark
          "Don't go there unless you know the way back." TC
          "...there will be an answer. Let it be." Paul McCartney


            Hi Jeannie ~ So nice to hear from you! No, I have no children, I've never been pregnant. I have three sisters but one of them has no contact with any of us. Two sisters live nearby but we have no contact -- they are close to my former husband. Oh, we smile and say, "Hello", when we meet in a store. but that's it.
            This morning my driveway and street are covered with about an inch of snow :( and I have an 8AM doctor's appointment -- wish me luck.

            Very good of you to ask all of us to sort of introduce ourselves. I could go on for pages and pages, but I'll give you a break today.


              Oh, it's cold.