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What are the little things that make you happy? *part three moved

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    What are the little things that make you happy? *part three moved

    04-06-2007, 08:42 AM
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    What are the little things that make you happy? (part 3)


    Dear Friends,
    I started a post a long time ago about what are your dreams but now I think even small things can make me smile, How about you?
    1) A beautiful sunrise
    2) The soft touch of my grandaughter, and the smell of her skin
    3) Holding the hand of the one I love
    4) rainbows
    5) hearing a song that I love and haven't heard in awhile!
    Dream Big, with hope for Inner Peace to All!

    Share about Javisi

    Javisi was so concise with her listing but I hope those who knew will Laurie will break from normal posting to share with viewers about her. I recall that she was a nurse. She explained how she arrived at her name, a combination of her grandchildren at the time or both children and grands? I know she spoke of a son but cannot recall if there were other children. I believe her spouse was Dan and he had a son. I know she had severe health problems. Anything anyone can add?


      Laurie has 3 children I believe. her health interfered with the wedding we were all looking forward to. she did post here a few months ago & it was a huge relief to know she's OK. far too many health problems for someone her age!


        What are the Little Things that Make Me Happy? Well finding that there are post from people on the emotional support forum for one. Everyone must be awfully busy now

        I am happy that I adjusted to grandchildren being back in school easier than I thought I would. For a doting grandmommy, that is no small thing either :o

        I am happy we still have more sunshine than rain and our hot weather still.

        I still have my favorite birds, the hummingbirds visiting. I was happy to see they will eat the mix I bought as it was easier for me to prepare it. I do believe that they prefer the 4 part water to 1 part sugar best tho. .

        I saw a half grown rabbit in our back yard last week. That is becoming such a rare thing and we are in a subdivision of about 80 acres with each house having about an acre each. Nothing unusual about spotting squirrels, as we are practically over run by them. They love raiding my bird feeder so I just go ahead and spill some on the ground for them. Saves a lot of trouble, LOL.

        We bought some treats for grannd daughters horse that her other grandparents asked to move out on our faarm as two were fighting. They bought another one and it is turning out to be the same thing. alpha males huh! Might be two more out there soon until they can build a divider or something as one wants all the food. When grand daughter visits the farm she always puts a halter on horse and rides him even if she doesn't have a saddle out there. It was such a funny sight to see when she jumped off. That horse sure is dirty and so were the back of her jeans after that.

        will leave this as it stands, typing mistakes and all. much faster and easier on me.


          seems like school begins awfully early!

          rained here all day yesterday. it was very muggy & I kept the doors open so I could smell the rain.

          my back is so bad right now I can hardly move. bending over really hurts. must be falling apart all over now.

          just realized this is supposed to be the happy thread!

          makes me happy to see the sun coming out.

          happy my housemate is gone most of the time.

          happy I have books to read.

          happy so many of us are back to BT!


            What makes me happy?

            Well for me, one would be is when the dizziness is very mild and am not so off balance and able to do more things around the house to ward off boredom. Also, not have trembling, jelly like legs makes me very happy, much easier and more comfortable to walk when they are not trembling!!

            Another thing that makes me happy is doing my weekly voluntary work at a local mental health charity makes me very happy - it's lovely doing things for others and spending time with lovely people. In the winter months, I organise a weekly quiz for them as we're unable to go outside in the garden in the centre, also treat them to biscuits or chocolates.

            Spending time with Mum also makes me happy, love watching a film together with chocolate or some Ben and Jerry's ice-cream whilst we watch it. Or just getting a cuddle from my dog when feeling down or unwell.

            Reading is also a passion of mine, and is nothing like curling up with a good book when in bed, a great way to relax.


              Just sitting in the sun on the floating dock, with Dusty there, soaking in nature. Hoping to catch sight of a fish as it jumps in the water.
              I'm just where God wants me to be, not one step ahead nor one step behind........


                Well it makes me awfully happy to have such good people that keep our forums up and running.

                Welcome Serene, I had seen you around the forums and so I am especially happy to have you here. I hope you will stay with us in emotional support forum and be a regular poster.

                I have managed to get some sleep, even if it wasn't at night time, I'll take it.:o

                I am going to try and read again. I have had difficulty aaaain doing so but want to try again. I heard how goo "the Help" was and wanted to read the book. I was surprised to see it cost over $11. I asked another lady at church at church if she had read it, no so I will buy it and then let her read it.

                glad I gave up on perfect spelling and it is okay to make mistakes as well. goes a lot faster and I am all for not sitting so long at computer. earned my keep that way long enough when i did work.


                  happy it's back to summer weather here......sunshine always makes me happy!

                  Jan,I lived on a river bank for 7 yrs. I never got tired of watching the critters (otter's,etc)

                  yes welcome to Serene! would love to read more about Wales & your doggie.


                    happy we are still having sunny days. i will admit that on the days it has gotten under 80 i have already started wearing light fuzzy jacket tho.

                    happy to see the butterflies outside my back door, two kinds and both awfully pretty

                    happy that the doves showed up to eat, next time there will be seed there

                    happy to see the hummingbirds seem to like the nectar that I bought and it is so much easier to get it out to them since i don't have to boil the water and wait for it to cool etc


                      I think what makes sitting on that dock so special is that I helped to get it there. Filling and swinging buckets of gravel down the steps to make a foundation for the buckets of concrete that I swung down the steps also.
                      I'm just where God wants me to be, not one step ahead nor one step behind........


                        Happy that it's monday and hubby is back to work. He always has to be doing something and never rest and he doesn't let me rest either. lol No I really do enjoy him home with me.

                        Take care,


                          [B]happy we had some summer weather & my body didn't hurt!
                          happy my trailer has been pressure washed & the leaks caulked.
                          happy I still have flowers to look at.
                          happy Kermit the frog is still around (3rd year? I think)

                          Joy,I read "The Help" and it's a very good book,people @ my Labor Day sale had read the book & seen the movie & said both were good.


                            Pati, I thought the book was good too.

                            Happy that I'm finally looking at going back to school. Just have to figure out how to pay for it.
                            Take care,


                              pati glad you gave the book "the help" a good rating. I intend to enjoy it soon.

                              it is so enjoyable to see all the little hummers chasing each other outside my window at kitchen. i can see them sitting on top of a tall pole thing hubby made by welding four pieces together and spray painting them a nice green color. they sit on top if there aren't other waiting around in the morning time. by afternoon tho, they are chasing each other off.


                              they fly towards the corner of the house where there is a tall green leaf eunomous, spelled wrong
                              i am sure they have a nest close by. i have never looked before. wouldn't it be a real treat to find one. i hope to explore this more before this season is over and they leave. i will look inside that plant soon for a nest.

                              i have noticed yet another type butterfly around, smaller, yellow and very pretty.

                              granddaughter is playing volleyball and does a good job of it. proud of her skills in it.

                              and not least of it but i have been sorta ill with my menieres stuff and i am feeling better by now with it all. feeling better is always preferable to the opposite in my book.

                              yeah or yey !!!! however it is spelled