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why no sound from YouTube videos

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    why no sound from YouTube videos

    Can anyone tell me why I can no longer get any sound from You Tube videos, but Facebook videos are OK. I used to be able to get sound on You Tube if I used Internet Explorer, but not if I used Chrome as my browser.

    hey traveler!

    i had this problem about a month ago. all of a sudden i couldn't hear any music on youtube. my facebook videos were fine, too.

    so, i asked my son, my go to person for my pc probs. well, he looked at it and said the sound was muted! on the bottom black line under the video, to the left of the time length of the video and to the right of the "pause or play" button, there is a speaker icon. if the speaker has this "X" in front of it, the sound is muted. if the speaker has a "i)" in front of it, it is unmuted. just click on it to change.

    i hope this simple thing is the source of your problem. i wouldn't have noticed it.

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      I agree with tic chick, check to make sure youtube isn't muted.
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