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Rich, delicious, and easy mug brownie.

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    Rich, delicious, and easy mug brownie.

    Oh gosh just made me one of these and they are so easy.

    4 TBL Flour
    4 TBL Sugar
    2 TBL Unsweetened cocoa
    Dash of salt

    mix these in mug first

    2 TBL Vegetable oil
    2 TBL Water
    1/3 tsp of vanilla

    mix well then microwave for one minute. Depending on your microwave. I had to do mine for a minute twenty five. It should be molten lava in the middle and firm brownie around the edges. Just sick lolol

    Yum!! Thanks.



      this is just an EVIL recipe .

      it has taken me about 6 tries to retune the recipe (it came in around 500 calories), to make a lower calorie version. first, i cut the amount of flour in half (i used whole wheat flour, difference in taste and it actually made the brownie more dense) and added an extra tablespoon of cocoa powder, which i use in the middle mixed with a little stevia and vegetable oil spread (non-GMO). i also used a non-GMO spread that has 60 calories/tbsp (i think using a solid form of shortening rather than oil gives it a richer texture because the shortening melts as the brownie is being microwaved). i used only one tbsp. sugar and 2 packets of stevia. i made a hole in the center and added the extra liquid cocoa mixture, cause i wasn't getting that molten center. i also microwaved mine at 80% power for a minute (maybe my micro has a different wattage than yours), cause i was getting a dry brownie.


      i only ate a spoonful to see if my changes worked and threw away the rest until i got the brownie the way i wanted.

      IT WAS FUN!

      WE ARE BT!
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        Evil definitely, yes if you do cook too long or too high it will get like concrete around the sides lol. I just keep checking mine as it got close to being done by probing it. lightly springy and sticky around the edges super sticky and soft in the center. It will still do a bit of cooking when you take it out so maybe taking it out sooner. I like my brownies NOT cake like. If I wanted choc cake I'da made one but not all like that heavy gooey brownie. I also discovered that it is great the next day, almost like a chewy, chocolate cookie. I will not divulge how I know this. Also using a good coffee mug is real important.