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Just tired

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got up at 4:30 figured I'd just go back to bed in a little while. Of course mama and kittens heard me so now they are zipping around the living room. Dash is whimpering from the bedroom, Bella is meowing from the basement both unhappy with me lol.

The dog was parvo negative so I paid for his parvo shot and he got a deworming. Such a relief. Now I worry about finding the poor thing a rescue. Neutering, rabies and all the other wonderful things. I can't afford all that. His Neutering is most important. Getting an intact male a home is harder than I knew. So I have been advised. Still learning so much. I think I could be good at this.

Mama and babies speutered two days. I have no transportation so am trying to borrow CJ's car. I am tired of being without transportation. This last almost year has been a pain transportation wise.

My year since I had a heart attack is coming. Maybe the anniversary is when I should quit smoking. It gives me time to pick a date, start my planner, for the nicotine gum to come in. Oh and I found a postage paid envelope for my prescription so I don't need to fax it in. It is ready to mail now I just need to walk my ass out there and put it in the mailbox. No more excuses. I am thinking that sounds like a plan. October 18. October 18th. Say it again, October 18th. Will have to check what day of the week it is. Weird about starting on a Monday lol. Tis a Thursday, oh well, no matter.

Missed an ER psych appt yesterday. Totally slipped my mind until I looked at my calendar about noon. I will have to call them today. I will have to call my insurance's transportation line and call for a ride to my doc appt.

Dear diary lol. Haven't been doing much. The holidays cause me so much anxiety that it seems to take me days before, day of and days after to recover. Christmas is terrible. My mom use to get really sick after the holidays every year.

Not feeling very productive here. Kind of in a limbo spot. Need to snap out of it.

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Chris is babbling again.


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