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Color me impressed

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I am less than a week in and I am amazed at the effect of the CBD oil is having on my pain. I have been following the CBD regimen and it is working amazingly well. I no longer have to take my muscle relaxer in the mornings and the Acetaminophen is on an as needed basis. I sat on the edge of my bed last night and couldn't believe that I had to do a concentrated check to see what hurt. My feet as usual but my lower back pain is almost nonexistent at resting and upper back pain is reserved for that spot on my spine T1 and T2 if I move just right. Pain is no longer traveling up my neck to my head. Have a PT appt. this morning for eval I am sure they want to get right to work. We will see how that works. I may be using more as a topical but if it is too bad I am not going. Not like we did last time.


  1. Earth Mother 2 Angels's Avatar
    ((((((Chris)))))) ~

    I am so happy that CBD is working for you! Relief at last! May it continue to be so!

    Love & Light,

  2. funnylegs4's Avatar
    I'm for anything that helps with pain safely. Happy to hear this!
  3. funnylegs4's Avatar
    One of my relatives liked CBD oil too recently!

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