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Just so dreary

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out again today. 3rd day of rain. The ground will be perfect for putting up my fence. Which should be soon. Allen is finishing up his fall work and then I am sure they will get to my fence. Saw him yesterday and we did the neighborly wave and nod that this neighborhood is good for. Especially since everybody knows everybody.

I need to go down the road and find out if they have indoor/outdoor cats. I have been seeing the same two cats at different times roaming. One has a collar on it. Big orange and white kitty. Looks like a flea collar the other is black and white and I have seen it a number of times. The bigger one is new but one of the neighbors was gone on vacation when I was seeing it.

Louise is officially up for adoption now. Breaking my heart. Don't know if she is discounted because she will need a special home or if they are even going to tell all of her quirks. They better. Especially if I am there at her adoption. I will definitely be there because I am not leaving her on her own.

I quit smoking Monday morning, fell off the wagon tuesday evening and got back on Wednesday afternoon. Just a pack's worth. I am not having as hard of a time as I had last November and I still believe it is the new meds and the different parts of the brain it works on. Haven't had to use the nicotine gum and would rather not have to. Would like to make a clean break.

Feeling strange with the Trintillex. I feel like my emotions are dampened, but I can't tell if my anxiety is lower or not because I feel so edgy with the med. I don't even know if edgy is the right word. I feel like there is some particular thing I should be doing but it is escaping me or maybe it is all the stuff that needs to be done niggling at me. That stuff is the main source of my anxiety but now it feels singular instead of so many things. Like it is wrapped up in a ball. I'm not making sense. It is hard to explain.

Going to find some things to do to keep busy, helps me to think less about smoking.


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