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Ha I just realized

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that I am posting pics for myself lol. Like I will forget....wait....I probably will knowing this memory of mine.

Has been a glorious few days. Geesh I don't say that like ever. I am alone for a week for the first time in about 25 years. Yes I have had weekends off here and there but I can walk through the house naked! Naked! I've done not much besides eat. I went to the store and bought stuff to make myself for dinner, stocked up on fruit and lunch fixins'. I bought a few snack items just for fun but I really haven't had the appetite for it. Food is reaching a point where it is just a necessity because my belly tells me so. I don't eat until about one or two then I nap on a full belly which is becoming a problem. I don't feel nappy, well I do but can't. At least not satisfyingly. Then I have dinner which is usually kind of late in the evening.

Still have not talked to Brandon. He hates He'll get over it. He'll do just like his grandma and act like nothing happened. I do not miss him yet lol, is that bad? Just one more issue I am lightened of.

The caretaker of my feral group informed me of kitties in the colony so I have trapped them. Two boy babies and the momma. Mama escaped and was loose in my foster room for a day and a half but some fresh salmon drew her in. Tuna wasn't cutting it so I made her a path right into the back of the trap. I knew she'd get hungry and that fresh kitty salmon was a great tease. Now I need to get her to the vet and get fixed since she is back in her trap. Then she goes back,

I love being here alone, I feel like I don't have Jared's worries hanging over my head. Brandon calling me every day whining and bitching. I clean for me and I will admit I have let the dishes build up but I think I will run a last load in the dishwasher before I get rid of it. Going to the road for scrap. Not working all that great. Works weird because the inside of all the dishes come clean but the outsides do not rinse well. Upper arm not spinning. I took it apart and it is getting water but I think it is just running out instead of jet spraying. May be a cheap fix. If my phone was waterproof I would put it in there on record with the light on lol. It is better this way, the haze from dishwasher soap is coming off of my glass dishes. I also have less dishes to wash.

I have nothing of value to say today but I have just woken maybe it hasn't come to me yet. That's one thing about writing here so early in the morning. Nothing notable has happened to me. Well for me it is all notable. Something always seems to be wrong but it is going to be rainy today so I don't have to worry about the lawn, act of God there, Jared not home til Monday maybe Tuesday so no worries about how the house looks or trying to get him out of his room. I have an appt Monday with the ortho, dear God please let him help me with my pain. My Louise is in mainstream household now that I am using my foster room again. She is just wonderful.


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