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It's been

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Awhile. Not a lot has happened. I have managed to get myself into another rescue/foster predicament. People not feeding and watering their dog, yard is a pig sty and dog is eating garbage. They threw their cat out last fall due to fleas, their own fault, and she kept hanging around a friend of Brandon's. The girl took her back to them and the owner was thrilled and took the cat in and the next day threw it back out again. No food no water, man refused outreach help for his dog. Soooo I went and snagged up the cat. She is a beautiful Torti, very sweet and affectionate. I have named her Raven. Unfortunately I still have three of the ferals so I cannot let her roam my foster room unwatched. So I go in there and let her loose while I tend to the babies then I scootch my fast ass onto the floor and give her some lovins'. She is doing really good for being kept in a couple of crates. I almost wonder if that wasn't where she was living in their house. Unfortunately she looks like she got a belly full of worms or she is pregnant. Guess we will know soon. OMG I have been saying I look forward to having kittens again I may get my wish. I am far from prepared and do not have the room

It is getting nice out and is time to work on the yard. I dread it. I have a yard full of branches that will take two days to cut up and remove. The wind here has been like I never remember it before. It seems to always be windy and right now the sun is warm but the wind is cold. So my entire woods is full of branches and the yard along the tree line. I know who I can call to do it but I don't have the money. What's that you say? I have an 18 and 26 year old living with me who are perfectly capable? Well maybe I could get cheaper labor. The 26yr old works his butt off through the week and the 18yr old sits on his computer all night building games and would probably get winded after making one round.

The basement redo has been put on hold. I have so much crap that needs to go out that there is no room to throw anything that needs to be separated. That is something else I am going to need help doing, up and down the basement stairs. It in all reality should have been done yesterday and if Jared hadn't of had school then it might have. The garbage man goes as I type.

Today I go and pick up feral traps. I have the rest of Tommy's colony that needs speutering. I will put out traps today to get them use to them and then I will set them on Saturday or Sunday and their appt is on Tuesday morning. I will have to put them in the basement which means I have to go down there within the next few days and make a spot for them. I would much rather they were up here.

Nothing worth noting in my life, I am still broke and in debt and my house is always in need of cleaning somewhere. Trying to not let it mess up my attitude.


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