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Spring has arrived. Snow is all gone, early spring flowers are already breaking ground. I really need to consider buying fencing. Maybe it doesn't have to be as big as I want. I just realized I forgot to change my font lol. oh well. The sun is shining this morning and it is supposed to get up to 40 today.

Tomorrow I hit the foodbanks. Have made dates for brandon as to when I need the car. His grandma is letting him use her car if he needs it. So tomorrow I have a lot of stuff to do. Maybe I should plan a crockpot dinner. I am not going to feel like making dinner tomorrow evening, if I can even move by then.

Have a lot of things that need taking care of now that spring is here. I am no longer pushing for the flowered dream yard I wanted and am just going ot worry about maintenance. No more gardening for me.

We have become forever fosters for Skyler. We cannot see moving him and getting him use to another family. I just found out that his original owner was an elderly lady and had fallen down the stairs and broke her neck, he was in the house with her for days before she was finally found. Then he went into foster care, then he went to last crappy owners for a year and now he is with me since last November. Rescue head has offered his health care for the rest of his life and to pay monthly to help with food costs. He has to have soft food so everybody else thinks they need soft food which costs me extra every month. Everybody was on free feeding dry kibble before. Now we have meal times two times a day and the cats are free fed kibble. Dash has actually lost weight. Hadn't realized he was getting so pudgy lol.

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Chris is babbling again.


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