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Just another dreary

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in Michigan. Rainy, cold and windy later. Not conducive to putting up screen on the patio. Yes I finallly have everything I need to put up the fence and to fix the patio/catio. Tomorrow I should have repaired enough screen to let the cats out. I was letting Belladonna out during the day then making her come in late afternoon for the night. Well she disappeared for hours the other day and Jared freaked out then I got freaked out and just when we were both freaked and I in tears of fear for her she showed up at the door way. I don't know what transpired in her adventure but she was plain wore out. Didn't even ask to go out the next day. She has recovered.

B is still here, lost his job due to marijuana testing. He purchased the wrong kind of cleaner and dropped dirty. He has only told two people besides me. He is too embarrassed and upset. He was only off for a week and got his old job back with new owners. Better pay, better hours, promotion from his old position.

Jared hasn't been feeling very good lately. I think he is screwing up his psych meds. I asked if he takes them and he says in the morning, forgets his mid day meds, says he takes night but I don't think he is. His encopresis is acting up despite the fact that we have almost totally cut out fast foods. We are drinking too much pop again. Maybe it is the milk. He has been to the doctor and will be seeing a gastro specialist and trying to find out if he has Irritable Bowel Syndrome. He is staying up til about 5/6 a.m. then goes to bed and sleeps all day. I have to change that.

It is so hard trying to help someone else do something about their health when mine is in the crapper.

I am so sick of being depressed and I know if I could pay my bills and afford gas and household necessities and pet food. Most of my anxiety and depression would go away. No it is not a cure all but damn it would be nice.

I started putting screen up on the patio and in the process of doing it I realized it would be no easy feat, for one I was doing it backward, roll on top end at the bottom instead of roll on the ground and end at the top. Have to climb the ladder which is sitting on a board because the ground is soft and I sink and wind up cockeyed. If I fall it is all over. Somehow while standing sideways on a ladder step I managed to pinch a nerve under my knee cap. So now I am in even more pain and am limping around. Usually something like that clears up after I have slept almost like it eased itself out but no not this time. Standing is agony.


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