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Getting snowed in

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here. Seems like forever since I have been here. Guess two weeks is a bit of time. Psych meds have evened out and I am questioning my own true need for them. That day when my head had cleared and I had energy and felt good then I go get my scrips and while a few of my symptoms abate and calm I feel frickin' blah. Just blah. No energy to do anything. Too damn cold to go out right now. Have been getting more music therapy. Been cooking more. I for the first time in a long time am overdrawn for a long period on my checking and missed a child support payment so I have .83 cents to my name and a short list of immediate needs. Oh yeah and I am losing $230 in income so I am screwed. I can't even pay the taxes.

Tomorrow is Jared's 18th birthday. Good Lord when I first started coming here I don't think Jared had even been born yet and he was always Shortcake. He is going to have to wait for his birthday present mama is broke. He gets it. have been researching at home jobs.

I have also been looking at senior housing though I don't qualify for that quite yet I am finding.

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Chris is babbling again.


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