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Mike Weins

BrainTalk has enabled blogging!

Rating: 9 votes, 5.00 average.
Truthfully this should have been done long ago. I wasn't a big fan of the built in blog feature and was looking for a third party add on that would be better. Then after awhile I forgot all about blogging. So now blogs are on and people will (hopefully) use them a lot or at least some of the time

There's a thread in Forum Feedback for you to talk about the new feature. Here's the link,

So have fun blogging everyone


  1. Swanton Bomb's Avatar
    Yay blogs! Won't use them myself but am sure there are a group out there that's happy to finally see them.
  2. Donna Thomson's Avatar
    Hi Mike, thank you for this. I'm a blogger at 'The Caregivers' Living Room' ( I usually just add posts to Child Neuro, but now I'll try this new widget. Thank you! Donna
  3. Earth Mother 2 Angels's Avatar
    ((((((Mike)))))) ~

    I rated your entry as "Excellent," but it isn't showing up with the stars, and when I try to rate it again, it tells me that I've already rated your post.

    Thanks for making this blog space available to us. I have questions, which I'll posit in your thread on FF.
  4. Mike Weins's Avatar
    Needs at least two votes to have it shown.

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