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  1. Making Friends With Solitude: Learning to Like Being Alone as a Caregiver

    Making Friends With Solitude
    I used to hate being alone. I remember as a teenager, aching for the phone to ring, rifling through my closet for something 'cool' to wear, wandering the halls of my university residence listening for signs of music and laughter. I was restless and bored being by myself.

    But not anymore. My searching spirit was quieted by years of solitude caring for my children. Nicholas is 25 now and Natalie is 22, but for many of their growing up years, I was ...

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  2. Coming to Terms with Disability in Our Family, Across Generations

    After my Dad passed away in 1975 following his third stroke, I was angry. Really, really angry. I would sit in church, look at Christ on the cross and fume, "why does everyone go on and on about YOUR suffering?! That was NOTHING compared to what my Dad endured!" All these years later, the anger has waned, but I still haven't come to terms with what happened back then. My father was too young. He was from a generation that abhorred dependency, so he suffered great humiliation. I ...
  3. Aura Awakening ~ The Continuing Fight

    by , 06-14-2014 at 01:11 PM (The Long and Winding Road of Epilepsy and a Fight Against Seizures.)
    A re-post from the BrainTalk Community Forum Archives

    Aura Awakening
    for the members of BrainTalk Communities Epilepsy forum.


    in the beginning naive, if they'd come presently
    awareness extreme, suddenly as if not by me
    In terror first understood, the warning I faced
    "That's the key!" I realized, as my mind raced
    Eureka! I felt, taking pause to rejoice
    attempting a scream, but it came, stole

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    The Continuing Fight
  4. Cyber-Friendship, Love and Grief: A Reflection on my Online (Lifelong) Friends

    Cyber Friendship, Love and Grief
    Before computers, I relied on a monthly magazine for my connection to other caregivers. I was a new mother of a baby with severe disabilities and that magazine was called "Exceptional Parent"(now re-named EParent Magazine). I would rifle through the magazine in search of the page titled 'Letters' and there, I would read messages such as "Hi, my name is Sarah and my son David was born with cerebral palsy. But it's not his CP that worries me. ...
  5. The Language of Care - Have We Lost It? from Donna Thomson

    The Language of Care - Have We Lost It?
    Recently, a friend and colleague railed at our collective lack of empathy for homeless people living on the street. "What kind of a society do we live in where we step over another human being lying on the sidewalk?" she demanded. I visualised myself on the street, seeing a human shape huddled under a blanket in a doorway. Then, I see myself turning away and hurrying by, afraid to speak.

    "What stops me from making ...

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