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Donna Thomson

  1. Celebrating Royalty and Nobility in Ordinary Caregiving

    Hi Everyone!
    Here's a blog post that I wrote today - too bad the photos didn't show but you can see them on my site at

    Anyway, I really love the subject of this post and I hope you will too.

    Celebrating Royalty and Nobility in Ordinary Caregiving
    “So Brother Matthew locked the gate behind me, and I was enclosed in the four walls of my new freedom.”

    Thomas Merton

    Caregivers ...
  2. After Caregiving - a Tribute to my Friend and Mentor and her Dear, Departed Husband

    After Caregiving: A Tribute to A Dear Friend
    (Sorry, the photos didn't transfer, so feel free to see the original at

    Today I hugged one of my oldest and dearest friends. I hugged her for a long time, because this was the day of her husband's funeral. Kathleen Campbell Jordan married Bill Jordan 47 years ago, ten years before Jim and I tied the knot. Kathleen and Bill ...
  3. Reflections on the Film 'Boyhood': Holding On and Letting Go

    The Film 'Boyhood': Reflections on Holding On and Letting Go
    A date night with my husband Jim doesn't happen often. We have fallen into our habits of cooking dinner together, followed by reading or watching a British television drama. Sometimes, though, a movie or play catches my eye and I peek out of my turtleshell long enough to organize an escape from my comfy chair at home.

    This week, we saw Richard Linklater's new film, 'Boyhood'. I'd seen the word 'masterpiece' attached ...
  4. Survival Tips for Stressed Out Family Caregivers

    I've just come from our family cottage in the north woods of Quebec. It's peaceful there - a place for reflecting and remembering. My Nana built our cottage in the 1920s and my memories are of her making my toast on the woodstove with the sunlight dancing through the wood-framed window.

    But the woods can be scary sometimes. Once, I got lost. I went for a walk by myself and followed a path I didn't know. I was surrounded ...
  5. My son Nick's Sports Blog - He May Not be Employed, but He's Productive!

    Hi everyone,
    Here's my son Nicholas' latest blog post; he blogs about his favourite sports and this post is about his recent meeting and interview with 'The Viper', Randy Orton, from the World Wrestling Entertainment. Check out the great photos!
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