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  1. Getting me some

    music and dance therapy this morning. I should be listening to music every day. It really has an effect on my brain. I feel more motivated. Easier to ignore the pain somewhat. Took my meds and vits, made my bed, loaded the dishwasher, forgot teeth and exercises. Nice thing about those is that can be done anywhere anytime. Dancing is exercise and much more fun.

    Lost an adopted family member to suicide, he hung himself. Brandon has been doing his crazy talk so I am very aware of how
  2. they cancelled

    my doc appt for injections. Guess my wonderful doc office didn't do the referral. so I am waiting for the first to do that too. Meds are kicking in so the withdrawals are leaving just have that kind of floatiness I get from starting new meds, well they're not new whatever.

    Now I am out of MMJ meds, no clue how to rectify that, got no money. Ate out two nights in a row, have guilt about that even if it was cheaper than the grocery store.

    Friend is bugging about game night.
  3. Feeling a tad better

    Hurting pretty bad today not going to stay on the puter for long. Got my meds situated thank you God. Now to get my brain use to them again. Still really feeling the Pamelor withdrawal even though I have had two doses already. they cancelled my back injections yesterday. Have to reschedule after the first of the month. great.

    Everything else is becoming a habit. Ha! I have created a new morning routine for myself. Takes less than ten minutes and is all beneficial. Actually more if

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    Chris is babbling again.
  4. hanging in here

    getting over the worst of the withdrawals, feeling better. meds, vits, upper back exercises, bed made, load of laundry in and it's still early lol. Need to make some phone calls today and get some appts. rescheduled. Load the dishwasher. Would like to get out and weed whack a bit. Getting a migraine and my body hurts since I have been without the nortriptyline. Will take something, maybe eat something.

    Saw my therapist finally yesterday afternoon. Sat and cried about how miserable

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    Chris is babbling again.
  5. Trying today

    I woke a bit early but I feel much better today. Amazing what a good night sleep after a shower, clean sheets and a tad of smoke will do. I got the worst of the lawn done yesterday I didn't weed whack but that is coming when I can. Not going to fret about that. I have to take Chunk to the vet today. That is if CARE calls me and okays it because I am broke. Possible upper respiratory issues. Got a cold maybe.

    After watching a couple of simple but crucial exercise videos for your back

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