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  1. Saturday mornings

    Love Saturdays, supposed to rain all weekend. gonna stay in my jammies and load the dishwasher, throw in a load of laundry and watch bad movies all day. Think I will go through Jared's dresser today while I do that and get rid of all those clothes he can't wear. Then he can use his dresser properly.

    CJ has my car. He wrecked his, says he was avoiding a deer on the highway, yeah right he was probably road raging and got ran off the road. Jackass is going to get hurt one of these days.
  2. entry title

    Dear diary, I must confess it has been like three days since I have written. Naw lol not really.

    Still feeling emotionally even, was going to say well but hah, I don't know if that will ever be the case. Last couple days have been good. Meds are stabilized for now. Just went to doc yesterday so there will be more to adjust to tonight. Told my doc I wanted my psych meds back and he tells me that I have to have the psych doc adjust them back. He screwed them up but can't fix them, damn
  3. Friday, I love

    fridays. It means that I get a bit of a mental break from the everyday "business" hours stuff. I can loosen up those parachute straps. jared will be gone tomorrow night so maybe I can go out to a free concert. Friends will be celebrating a birthday tonight but they will be at the bar. I have no money for that though I know all I need would be maybe two drinks and a coke and enough friends would be happy to buy a drink for me. It's practically a straight shot from here to there. I don't ...
  4. Still hanging in here

    Doing my routine still. now it doesn't feel right if I don't make my bed and my morning routine is still strong. Been getting some things taken care of over the last couple of days. My back is killing me but I am still trying.

    I have been feeling better, more upbeat the last couple of days despite Brandon and his situation. One probably wonders how it affects me but he plans on living with me for a short time when he leaves his grandmother's. It makes me sad, I know it will be different
  5. Getting me some

    music and dance therapy this morning. I should be listening to music every day. It really has an effect on my brain. I feel more motivated. Easier to ignore the pain somewhat. Took my meds and vits, made my bed, loaded the dishwasher, forgot teeth and exercises. Nice thing about those is that can be done anywhere anytime. Dancing is exercise and much more fun.

    Lost an adopted family member to suicide, he hung himself. Brandon has been doing his crazy talk so I am very aware of how

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