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Chris is babbling again.

trying to change my life one thing at a time

  1. tis morning

    Brown, decided it is a brown day. 6:30 not too early especially since I went to be at 7:30. Wow was I wiped out. Had been up since 4:30 a.m. and no nap. Put up with Brandon crying starting bright and early. Jen has threatened to keep the kids away from him. The whole thing is just sad neither know how to adult when it comes to a relationship. They both act petty. I shouldn't complain, many of us go into panic mode when a relationship ends. I know I did.

    I seem to have adopted and become
  2. I have got to stop

    getting up so early. I am going to force myself to stay up later. No more 8:30 bedtimes. I will have to stay up too not just lay in bed and read because I do not last long. Start watching a movie or something before bed.

    I haven't been exercising but I have been trying to stay somewhat busy during the day. My Game Night party is tomorrow night. Already had two who said they couldn't come. May have a drink, just one or two, don't want to mix all these damn meds with alcohol. I only have
  3. Getting up

    at five seems to be the thing these days. That's what I get for going to bed at eight thirty last night lol. Jared it in the shower, he sleeps all day and stays up all night. I am going to try to get him to take his sleep meds at night, maybe at midnight and see if he can get to bed sooner. Then he will sleep sooner hopefully. I am too lax on him. He does what he wants, has a truancy letter from the school and this is online learning. He is on the damn computer all day he could at least do some ...
  4. Seems so long

    Got up at 6 today, I'm okay with that. Still getting my routine done, yay for me as my therapist would say. Making sure I get a little bit of housework done here and there keeps me satisfied. After Brennifer left the house was always relatively clean then I started slacking off, depression maybe. My bedroom has not been thoroughly cleaned in 4 years. So little here in one room, little there in another. As long as I know I am doing.

    Need to check my original list again,


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    Chris is babbling again.
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  5. whoo is it early

    I for some reason have awoken at an ungodly hour of 2:15 and was wide awake. Am I getting that old person's thing of waking early then having to go back to bed because it is too frackin' early. I think I will start making me a cup of tea when I get up like this instead of drinking coffee. I have a ton of different teas and I bought me a beautiful new tea pot at the Salvation Army store. I originally bought it because I am pretty sure that there is a coffee press somewhere in my brothers stuff thing ...

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    Chris is babbling again.

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