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  1. today's theme is

    Medical Marijuana and trying to get out on my own before the caregiver's disappear. I have space for a small grow room and an expert who is willing to help me. He was very angry when I told him I might have to go back to work. We have known each other for about five years now and are familiar with each other's disabilities. He said it is stupid that now that things are changing that I don't grow for myself. I would only be able to handle for myself because growing is a 24/7 job. He is going to check ...

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    Chris is babbling again.
  2. My thoughts on being alone

    Today I think we will pick a theme lol. My thoughts and feelings on being alone. Not as in being in a room alone but as in not having a mate. I absolutely love being single. The only thing I miss is the laughing and the cuddling. If I could be in a relationship that asked no more than that and have it be on my time then yeah, that might be perfect. I love being able to come and go, nap whenever I want, nobody to clean up after, nobody to cook for, clean for (thats a big one lolol) made myself laugh, ...
  3. oddly the

    Snow is gone. Only took two days. I am totally stumped, first we get the so called polar vortex with a state of emergency and a few days later all the snow is gone and we are in a warm front. Does this not scare people?

    Not getting anything done but the bare minimum. Am wondering if my foster work is taking away from my work around the house. I spend all morning combing the rescues for needed help and posting about my fosters trying to get them adopted that next thing I know it is
  4. Getting snowed in

    here. Seems like forever since I have been here. Guess two weeks is a bit of time. Psych meds have evened out and I am questioning my own true need for them. That day when my head had cleared and I had energy and felt good then I go get my scrips and while a few of my symptoms abate and calm I feel frickin' blah. Just blah. No energy to do anything. Too damn cold to go out right now. Have been getting more music therapy. Been cooking more. I for the first time in a long time am overdrawn for a ...

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    Chris is babbling again.
  5. whooo, things are

    bad here. I am a total wreck and a half. Made it through a week and a half of withdrawal and have a morning where I don't feel like crap, go to the psych and get my refills and now that I am back on meds I am feeling like s**t again. The lovely adjustment period. I am beginning to wonder if my meds were doing anything for me besides help me sleep. I have been miserable for a long time. I am tired. I am so very tired. Of the pain, the depression, the constant rushing anxiety, counting damn words ...

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