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Default Treatment for Neurological Symptoms?

In 2001, I became very ill, displaying many symptoms, which my research found, crossed over many different illnesses and conditions. I had many tests, but wasn't diagnosed with anything in relation to my symptoms. I went through much experimentation, research, trial and error, and found several things which suppressed my symptoms within minutes for a few hours and believe what I've found, may also give many people better health. Several people, with all sorts of illnesses and conditions, said they had better health while taking what I suggested.

Research found many illnesses and conditions lack oxygen in the cells, tissues, organs, nerves etc., due to injury and/or toxin, even unknown causes many years before symptoms arise. I found after much experimentation and documentation, my treatment when taken several times a day, increased my breathing 24/7. After 18 months, my symptoms started to reverse.

Recently, I've discovered, that as I wasn't diagnosed with anything in relation to my symptoms and no cause was found, I wasn't treating a diagnosis or cause, I was in fact, treating my symptoms. I'm not claiming it to be a cure for anything, and it isn't an overnight "fix it all", but believe it will improve the health of many. I took the doses from 3 to 5 doses a day - but now believe 6 doses covers the 24/7 better.

I took 250mgs Vitamin B1 - 3 times a day
then added 1000mgs Vitamin C - 3 times a day
That's 6 doses a day. I increased the VB1 to 500mg a dose for many months, and the VitC up to 3000mgs a dose, but with 6 doses a day of VB1 and Vit C, I believe 250mgs VB1 and 1000mgs Vit C, will be enough.
I found VB1, VitC and other things I took, have high water soluble properties or have a volitile compound. I noticed a difference in my health in 3 days and knew I was doing the right thing at 3 weeks.
Please see your doctor before changing any medication.
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