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Old 06-15-2007, 08:00 AM
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Default PPIs and headaches

Hi everyone,
I haven't been here in a long time. I used to have horrible headaches several times a week, and sometimes every day. I was treated with maxalt.
I have fibromyalgia and I was also going through perimenopause, plus have had migraines since age 8. So I figured it was all these things causing my almost constant headaches. For about 5 years during this time, I also was on PPIs (proton pump inhibitor) for GERD (reflux). I finally got on a beta blocker, which took all the headaches away. I also got off the PPI about 5 years ago. About a month ago, I was having reflux problems again and restarted the PPI. Within 4 days, I got a bad headache. Then it hit me.........all those years of headaches.......could it have been the PPI????
I quit the PPI and the headaches went away. Yesterday I restarted it, and sure enough, this morning I have a bad headache.
Headache is listes as one of the side effects, but I just never made the connection until now. All those years that I suffered, and maybe I could have prevented it???

I guess we should all suspect any of our meds as causing headaches until we can prove they don't.......which can be tricky if those meds are helping with other problems we have.
Anyhow.......I just wanted to mention this to you, in case any of you are on PPIs. Its a very painful headache, not just a little one.
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