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Old 04-11-2009, 10:02 PM
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Default seizures vs spasm

i felt i was sidetracking the other thread so moved it to here. This was my post


Is something classed as a seizure when there is 'abnormal' brain activity happening (at the time that movements occur (or not))? What is the 'thing' that makes it a seizure?

Just trying to work out difference between something like spasm and seizure. Is spasm going to have 'abnormal' brain activity detectable? Or is spasm only caused by problem in nerves (external to brain)?

I have jerky movements at night, don't know what official name is, and this got me thinking about whether these are caused by brain activity and whether the activity would be detectable.

Thought i would come to the experts!

So, dystonia is caused by mixed messages being sent from the brain. It doesn't show up on scans. One theory is that dystonia is caused by neurotransmitters (so chemicals) being at inappropriate levels, which then cause neurons to be stimulated unneccessarily and muscles to contract.

So what is it about a seizure that is captured by a scan? What is happening in the brain? I thought it was inappropriate stimulating of neurons. Please help me out if this is not right.

What is the thing that defines a seizure? So, the dr say that muscle jerking (or whatever symptom they went to investigate) is due to a seizure occurring?
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