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Old 11-02-2008, 06:45 PM
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Default TWP, SGA, and SSDI, Oh My!

Hi all, just found this site Lots of good info here.

First off, I'm a 42 y/o Male. I was Diagnosed in 1/03 with stage iv testicular cancer, a whole bunch of chemo and many surgeries later, I'm in remission, been clear to almost 2 years..........I will know fri if that is still true, I'm got a CT scheduled at Cleveland Clinic Main for my routine 4 month checck up.

In addition, I'm about 4 years past a diagnosis of Early Onset Parkinson's, (as if the cancer wasn't enough!"

I've been on SSD for about 2.5 years, I started back to work on a very limited basis (or so I thought) in 7/07. I was being pretty careful about keeping under the TWP amount of $640, but I got binged with 5 TWP months according to a letter I recieved yesterday.
Last work bafore SSD: 10/05
These TWP months were:
April 2006 (not working but recieved a paycheck with owed vacation)

Worked straight thru from 07/07 but got binged for these
( but don't think I EARNED over $640):


I went back to my old job in August of this year, on a modified schedule and duties, this old job pays more and at first I thought I could do it, but I've peaked at about 2 days a week max.
My current job is a low base with commission, And I should still be under
the $940 specied by SGA but here as in the job before , I am paid bi-weekly, not monthly, and I believe thats where the previously mentioned TWP months came from (from months when payday, which is every other friday, occurred three times), and also I work varying days of the week. So money earned in one month may be paid the following month. My current job since August has earned my three more TWP months I'm betting, I figured this, but did'nt figure on the first 5. The letter I got yesterday made no mention of these most recent ones. I have been sending my pay stubs in as instructed, although I have recieved recipts for all of them.
I expect I'll get binged for Aug/08, Sept/08 and Oct/08. My doctors are vehement about not going back full time due to the progressive nature of Parkinson's and the neurlogical effect all the high platinum chemo, and anti-emetics I've had.

Therein lies my dilemna.

And now on to my questions:

How are TWP month earnings calculated , when paid, or when earned?

How are SGA month earnings calculated , when paid, or when earned?


PS:Below is verbatim the first page of the letter I received. if you need more info, just ask!
================================================== ===================
================================================== ===================
Social Security Administration
Notice of Revised decision

This notice concerns a revised decision about your disability benefits.

We looked again at the evidence in your Social Security disability claim and founf that your disability is continuing. Here is some important information about your claim. We have also enclosed some information about working that explains some of the terms we use.

You have worked in at least 5 month(s) of the 9-month trial work period.

We counted the following as trial work month(s):
April 2006
August 2006
November 2007
March 2008
May 2008

You Claim will be reviewed from time to time eo see if you are still eligible for benefits based on disability. When you claim is reviewed, you will be contacted if there is any question as to whether your eligibility countinues.

If you are receiving Supplemental Security Income payments, any decision about that claim will be sent in a separate notice.
================================================== ================================================== ====
================================================== ================================================== ====

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Old 11-03-2008, 10:06 AM
phoenixisrizen phoenixisrizen is offline
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Default I found the answer

After much searching, I found an answer.

SGA is calculated when EARNED.

If paid biweekly, the average biweekly amount is multiplied by 2.167, to give the average monthly amount . This is due to months being slightly more than 4 weeks.
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Old 11-04-2008, 01:16 AM
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thanks for stating the answer. You may help someone else & not even know it.
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