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Old 04-14-2011, 03:42 PM
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Default Non Narcotic Pain Reliver

Originally Posted by Melanie4 View Post
Surgery has been scheduled but allergic to morphine (can't breathe, etc). Docs are talking about "intractable" pain which, on top of the risks (right temporal lobe meningioma), aren't helping me mentally prepare for this. Has anyone found a successful non-opiate for pain?
I have been using Ultram or Trammadol it is an opiate like pain med but does not cost a fortune and you can get at Walmart on the $4.00 list. My dose is at 50mg every 8 hours but some days I have to take 100mg and then wait 8 hours to take another 50. It won't take all the pain away but will help more than NSAIDS or tylenol and better for your body I think. I hope this helps. I pray you come out in excellent shape. Just give yourself time which is something I did not do and now wish I had.
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Old 07-14-2011, 10:34 AM
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Default RE post-craniotomy headaches

I had a craniotomy to repair an mid-cerebral aneurysm in May 2008 - I also had a stroke post-surgery. During the initial recovery vicodin worked well, but I was not willing to continue with narcotics, nor was it the first choice for my doctor. Now, 3 years later the headaches have been steadily increasing in frequency and severity. My physical therapist and the supervising doctor have helped to understand the physical aspects of the headaches. Mine always begin in the back of head at the dent (bur hole) where my head was bolted to the surgical table. It feels tinglely and like minor electric shocks,with pain. It then moves forward to the front of the head where the piece of my skull was removed. If I'm lucky, it maintains as a dull constant pain. I have found that if I can catch the headache early (the first tingle at the dent in the back of my head) I can often stop the full headache by laying down (in the dark) with a cold compress on that site. I know it is a neurological headaches involving the web of nerves under the skin and above the bones. The cold seems to work as a distraction, by providing a new stimuli to the nerves to short-circuit the pain response. The doctor also recently told there is a nerve that runs through that area that neurologist have nick-named the "headache nerve". A disturbance of this nerve during the surgery can cause post-surgery headaches for a long time. I am looking for any ideas for OTC pain medication, as rest and cold packs don't work when the headaches get bad. Tylenol and Advil don't appear to help. I can take one Excedrin but only before 6pm. I know what causes the headaches, but the doctors can't "fix" it. Any ideas? Thanks. Lynnette p.s This forum has been very helpful, it's nice to know I'm not the only one and I am not crazy!
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