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Old 10-16-2008, 05:29 PM
laker3peat laker3peat is offline
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Default Waiting for Backpay...Approval 11 monthes ago

What is the Longest wait anyone has heard of?

First monthly check started 5/08.
I don't have an attorney.
I am receiving Worker's Comp.
I received a closed period award in 2002 and Worker's Comp wasn't an issue.

I've contacted my Senator's office and the rep sent a letter about a month ago. My request has been for a partial payment while I wait.

The 800# confirmed that my local Supervisor has made a request for dire need status as of June (after my file was accidentally sent back to the local ofc...) which makes me squeamish to call, but waiting patiently isn't working.

ANY SUGGESTIONS? Thanks in advance for the help.
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Old 10-16-2008, 06:22 PM
MomofTwins28 MomofTwins28 is offline
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Default I only wish I knew

Hi Laker3peat,

I wish I knew what the longest wait was as I've been waiting on 6 months for backpay for a closed period of time and SSI, workmans comp, nor any other thing should be slowing it up as I didn't receive any of that. I sent a letter to the commissioner of Social Security amd I used a return receipt. I know they got the letter on the 22nd of September. I used to call once a month to check the status, then once every 2 weeks, now I call one a week. I wanted to get a partial of the funds because I am in dire needs and I was told I wasn't eligible because that is only for people receiving monthly benefits. I have a case now that is at the DDS office and as of last week, my DDS and the doctor there were looking over my case to come to a decision. (I had to go to two CE's ; a medical and mental one) I'm just so.....tired already. I wonder how many people have killed themselves while waiting for the life jacket (benefits) to come in so they can stay afloat? Is this what the administration is actually waiting for? For people to die while waiting for benefits? Or to kill themselves out of frustration? There is NO excuse for the YEARS people must fight to receive benefits then AFTER that the MONTHS or sometimes a YEAR or more they have to continur to WAIT for relief. It's ridiculous. Sorry, didn't mean for this to turn into a rant but I'm just sick and tired.
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Old 10-16-2008, 08:02 PM
feederband feederband is offline
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Like I said in my timeline post recently....I have heard every exuse you can think of...Including 3 weeks ago them saying that the SSI part from the local office had been cleared and that it was just waiting on the payment center...Then I call back the other day for the lady to tell me that they are waiting on the local office...Then when I caught them in a lie she changed her story and told me everything is ready and that she was going to finish processing the claim herself.....Now I have to wait a week to see if she was lieing...Its really sad..
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