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Default Medications / Insurance

I posted this on BT2 this morning as well. Maybe we could list all medication information here under one heading? I saw the information about flonaze and have my own problem with Antivert this weekend that I'm still working on.

I had contacted PAR 1-828-9393 about Meclizine 12.5 mg (generic for Antivert). Mark said that the starch used in the product is corn and potato but they can not guarantee any cross contamination with Gluten in the mfg process. The company will look up any drug they make for consumers but they are only open during normal business hours Monday through Friday beginning at 9 am EST.
If your insurance company is like mine - if a generic brand is available you must have the generic unless the dr writes DAW (despence as written) but you have to pay a higher cost for the name brand because a generic is available.

Celiac situation - brand name is verified gluten free but generic is not then no generic is available.

Insurance - file an appeal with your insurance company! Also contact your House Representatives and Senators in your state.

I am currently in the process and will let you know the outcome.

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