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Old 02-23-2010, 11:59 AM
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> pain in my stomach, dizziness, extreme fatigue, almost like i am hungover all the time.


I and my 2 daughters feel so much better, we are GRATEFUL to be gluten-free. And dairy-free.... And soy-free...

My younger daughter & I cannot eat eggs, either. Sound hard? Actually, once you change your diet, it is easy to tailor it exactly to your specific needs. We don't eat much that is processed anymore. My older daughter who loves fast foods knows every place in town she can eat at safely, and which have french-fries made that are safe for her needs (no soy oil). She proved to us that a person can be gluten-free and still eat a not so great diet Although she actually HAS improved her diet overall once she got comfortable with new cooking.
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Old 02-23-2010, 12:10 PM
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Hi Mike -

Be sure the doctor runs the Antigliadin IgG antibody test - not everyone does, but it is the one test that checks for gluten intolerance (or gluten sensitivity) as opposed to full-blown celiac disease. Of course it will also be positive if you have celiac disease, but the other testing without the Antigliadin IgG antibody test will NOT check for gluten intolerance. Dr. Rodney Ford (gastroenterologist) says that at least one in ten people are gluten intolerant, so it is very common. Dr. Ford and Dr. Stephen Wangen (another gastroenterologist) BOTH recommend this test!! You may also need a Vitamin D supplement, a better diet, a probiotic...see if the doc will order a test to check your Vitamin D levels. Be sure to mention your change in stools - which is directly affected by your diet. Chocolate pudding-type stools or shapeless stools are not good.

Jeanne's suggestion about Enterolab is also right-on, but may not be in the cards for you yet since it will cost about $350 out of pocket. We felt it was a worthwhile investment to use Enterolab to confirm a high Antigliadin IgG antibody test result for our son (at 9 or 10), which included checking his stools for fat to see if he was malabsorbing. High fat in stools means major malabsorption of everything else, because the body LOVES fat and will use it right away to build new cells. That's why transfats are so harmful, since they are an unhealthy fat which results in unhealthy cells.

Interesting that you are a police officer! Goodness knows you have a stressful job and are eating on the run. The residents of Philadelphia need you to be happy and healthy, so ask for those tests, and start feeling good again!

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