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Chronic Pain Whatever the cause, support for managing long term or intractable pain.

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Old 02-21-2009, 02:47 PM
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Default Ankylosing spondylitis ~Vitamin D status ?

I have previously point to the connection between sensitivity to pain and 25(OH)D status and the use of effective Vitamin D intake as an analgesic.
This site has most of the recent research about vitamin d and chronic pain.

However Dr Davis has a paragraph on the topic here that may interest some readers here.
--Ankylosing spondylitis—This fairly rare genetic disease programs a peculiar solidification of the spinal column that leads to disabling restriction of spinal mobility, accompanied by incapacitating pain. A physician came to my office after reading my Life Extension summary of vitamin D’s cardiovascular benefits, After reading it, he put himself on vitamin D 10,000 units per day and verified “therapeutic” levels with a blood test. He came to my office (he requested a consultation) and proudly showed me his near-normal spine flexibility that, until approximately 2 months earlier, had left him rigid and unable to even tie his shoes. He also reported that the chronic pain that had left him completely dependent on anti-inflammatory agents and narcotics was nearly entirely gone.

5000iu D3 oil based gel capsules are available quite reasonably and a $5 Iherb discount may help UK readers buy 3 pots and still avoid customs duty on orders £18 or more. Taking one daily should be sufficient for most women living around latitude 40ish. Men may need a little more perhaps 6000iu further away from the equator more may be necessary. The idea is to get 25(OH)D over 60ng 150nmol/l so the active metabolite is able to work at Vmax.

There may be other benefits from raising 25(OH)D status. These Google Video's, each 30 minutes, will bring your vitamin d knowledge up to date as they are given by some of the world's leading experts.
Vitamin D and Cancer Prevention Cedric Garland

Connection with Vitamin D and Cancer Donald Trump.

Skin Cancer/Sunscreen - the Dilemma Edward Gorham this one is particularly important for people wanting to understand how sunscreen use actually causes melanoma.

Whats a Vitamin D Deficiency? Heaney

Please listen to all the videos right to the questions at the end of each as these add to the value. Some of the audience are also famous Vitamin D scientists and they add their experience and knowledge. I should perhaps have mentioned that Grassrootshealth the organisation responsible for putting the videos online are also offering cheap 25(OH)D testing. They post you a blood spot test kit, you use the spring loaded lancet to prick your finger and drop 2 drops of blood on the test strip, you return the sample and in a few weeks they notify you your results are online, Costs $30 roughly £20 in UK money,
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Old 02-21-2009, 05:06 PM
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I'm in the middle of a Vitamin D issue. My vitamin D is very low, but with sarcoidosis, my auto-immune disease, taking vitamin D can throw me into a huge flaire. But since I have melanoma my primary is very concerned with the relationship of the vitamin D and cancer. So I'm in a definate quandry. I am having my vitamin D broken down to see exactly where I am deficient to make a better decision.

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