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There is a great Doc in Arizona, called Dr. Spetzler..Send your films to him..But I'm about in those shoes..Mine also is in the left middle cerebral artery...But it is in the m-2 section...and they will not attempt a wrapping or a bypass..Said if it was only a couple mm's lower in the brain..Wouldn't be a problem,,(Allways my luck ) . But if I could have been operated on by a bypass or wrapping...I was going to Arizona..Heard a Zillion great things about Dr.Spetzler..Just google his name..You will be amazed...Good luck..Cindy
Severe horrible headpain for over 9 years..Related to a inoperable brain aneurysm.. Meds, methadone, ativan, topamax, accupril, asprin, miralax, phenergan. Got SSDI for disabling pain..I know pain...And I know how to live everyday as it may be my last....Hugs, Cindy
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