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Question Anyone familiar with LMCA aneurysm by-pass

Hi all -

Long story short: I had my first clipping of 2.7 cm anuerysm left medial cerebrial artery (LMCA). Surgery went well no real complications , back to work as RN within 8 weeks...felt good, tired but good. Eight months later started feeling bad...tired, light sensitivity, headaches and pain worsening, numbness right arm/hand to name a few. Follow up angiogram revealed giant aneurysm 3.6 cm in what the NS says is in a very bad location LMCA again. He was honest ...said he was not the best to do the surgery required. Referred me to WVU (I live in Central Florida) . After a 10 hour surgery Clipping, drug induced coma, severe allergic reaction to dilantin (Stephen Johnson Syndrome) back home to Florida. Developed seizures , and still haven't recovered from the second surgery. Angiogram 9/04...... another aneurysm.....same area...... no tx ..... angiogram 2/29/07 anurysm now 2.7 cm ......LMCA diseased, unable to clip ..... must have a complex triple bypass that minimal NS are specialized in. Has anyone out there had a bypass. Know of any NS who specialize in this area. My NS is working on some leads for me but would like some of your input. He says I need this done soon as the clips are slipping due to rapid growth of aneurysm and seizures. Any help, hugs, prayers appreciated. T.C.
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