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"spinal headache" is one for most who suffer it occurs when one is upright (not horizontal). it is caused by a lack of sufficient volume of cerebrospinal fluid in the cranial cavity. the lack is caused by the fluid leaking out somewhere down the spine due to a hole in the mininges (skin around the brain and spinal cord). so you can understand when one is upright, by gravity, more fluid which is 99% water leaks out.

there are many symptoms which appear in various fashion for whatever reason in one "leaker", as i call us, but not in another. a few symptoms manifest themselves in the eyes: pain, double vision (diplopia), sensitivity to light. other symptoms: nausea and limb neuropathies (pain, tingling, numbness). and many others.

i understand that lumbar puncture is performed on patients suspected of having Guillain-Barré Syndrome (excuse me, i checked your other posts). lumbar punctures are often the cause of a cerebrospinal fluid leak; literally the fluid keeps leaking out after the needle is withdrawn. i mention this in case you have had an LP recently.

cranial leaks are usually accompanied by clear fluid from the ears, nostrils, eyes or down throat.

confirming diagnosis of csf leaks usually is correct mr imaging or ct-myelograms, but many are cryptic (occult) and go w/out confirming diagnosis.
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