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Hi Patty Anne,

Welcome to the forum! I'm no neuro but I'm wondering if you are having simple partial seizures also known as aura seizures when you feel light headed and queasy. I know that when I have an aura sz. I get a nervous feeling in my stomach and sometimes I will see colors flashing back and forth in my eyes but I'm conscious the entire time.That's when I tighten up all the muscles in my body and if I do it in time it will stop the aura sz. from going into a absence (petit mal) or complex partial sz.

I've never taking carbatrol so I can't help you in that area but what you might want to ask your neuro to do is a DNA test on you and they can find what AED (seizure med) would be the best help for you with the least side effect. This is what I had done after trying so many AED's and finding out nothing really worked that well. I am drug resistant.

In regards to your speech it's the left side of the brain that controls a person speech in most cases sometimes it can be split and on both sides of the brain. You can have a wada test done to find out what's going on in that area. Often AED's and epilepsy can cause some people to be forgetful because yrs. of sz. cause the hippocampus of the brain to shrink and become hard causing short term memory loss. Also it's been proven that cell phones are causing memory loss because of the frequency they are in. I won't use a cell phone at all it triggers sz. for me. I'm cell phone sensitive so when I'm around people who are using their cell phones it triggers sz. for me. I found this out from my Epileptologist.

Start taking vitamin B12 or B complex vitamins once a day. I've found that taking vitamin B12 has been a big help reducing my sz. When you see your neuro. ask for another e.e.g. to be done along with an MRI. I wish you the best of luck and May God Bless You!

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