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Default Haven't been here for awhile and have some questions

First a very, very brief synopsis of my epilepsy: Grand mal seizure in approx. 1978. (Passed out, ambulance to hospital the whole nine yards) I could have had earlier seizures I wasn't aware of. ( I fell down the basement stairs on a concrete floor when I was very young.) Was told I had a "seizure disorder" and to take these pilles - which were tegretol and come back in a year. So I did and my EEG (or is that EKG? ) was normal, so I stopped the pills on my own. Had my first child in 1980, pregnant with my second one in 1982 and had another seizure. When she was born, I went back on meds - tegretol first (I hated that) and then I switched doctors and I went on pheno. Everything seemed to be going okay. Fall of 2003, I was driving to work and I had one of those abdominal seizures? Is that what they're called? It was frightening. I think I knew what it was, but refused to believe it. So, after more testing I was taken off pheno and put on carbatrol. I'm on carbatrol 300 mg twice a day now. I'm leaving a lot out, but that's the basics.

#1 Can you tell the difference between a panic attack and a seizure? Since I had that seizure when I was driving I sometimes feel the same (almost) if I'm in a lot of traffic or just thinking about it. It's scary. I don't think it's a seizure because I just feel light headed and kind of queasy. I think I scare myself. If you were with me and I didn't say anything you wouldn't be able to tell at all. I just grip the steering wheel real hard (got that idea from this forum) and pull over until it passes. My neuro is unsure too. He gets panic attacks at times too. I guess I would have to be hooked up to a machine to really tell?

#2 I think carbatrol is making me dumber than I really am. It's getting so I can't think of the right words to say and things come out wrong. It's very frustrating and scary - early alzheimers? I am not always that way, but it seems to be happening more and more. Any suggestions for better drugs? Ha Ha Ha! I never had this problem with the pheno.

Thanks for any answers or insights. I need to make an appt to see my neuro, but I thought I would come to the people who really know what's going on.
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