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Hi Jimc,

Wow, sounds like you've been through a lot.....and unfortunately have had the distinct experience....though definitely not pleasure of experiencing both spinal and cranial leaks.

You raise some interesting things....the use of diamox, which lowers csf fluid production....I know is common practice especially with pseudotumor cerebri, and I have heard physicians trying to "dry out" the leak site sort of speak so that it will heal. I do think, however, many physicians underestimate the further lowering of csf pressure and it's ramifications.
I was curious by your differing headaches with the two leaks. I've only had a spinal leak, though for way too long. I've heard one speculation by a neurologist that spinal leaks present as a more sucking, pulling down head pressure and pain....which I liken to G-forces. This sensation may be explained by some differential in pressure between the distance from the leak site to the head. I'm probably not explaining it too well, but if the leak is in the head then, though it certainly can bring pain, it is not the sucking down feeling pain because there is less distance between the leak site and the head and therefore less differential pressure. Probably not even good to compare because both can produce sickening headaches and I don't want to minimize anyone's condition......and there may be nothing to the theory. It's curious though because even though both types of leaks lower csf in the head, anectodally, I've heard of more spinal leakers complaining of the "sucking down" feeling. I've heard of several people with cranial leaks who may have other symptoms and even very little or no headache, though I'm aware of many who have horrendous headaches (including our own Dagaz here on this forum). Plus when any chronic pain has gone on for so long, nerves may become desensitized. With spinal leaks almost all have horrendous headaches, though they too can vary.....interesting!!

I'm intrigued by your 6,000 ft elevation experience. Have you tried flying?

My best for a complete recovery!!--waterlover

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