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We had about 20 EEGs with and without video and multiple sleep studies with and without the MSLT during the day too for ds. He developed twitches and all kinds of bizarre movements during sleep when he started keppra. Not one single one turned out to be a seizure, just normal myclonus of sleep (especially when you are falling asleep and he would wake up often during sleep so he would have these every time he fell asleep). All the neurologists ruled out seizures for the movements as the recordings did not show any different activity. They could see muscle spasms (myclonus) sometimes which shows on the EEG as fast spiking waves suddenly and it is really short with no related activity or focal point anywhere. The neurologists have recognizable spike and wave patterns to identify each type of seizure type. If the movement is not brain related (hence seizure) for onset, then it does not show activity on the EEG at the time of the occurence or it shows as muscle movement artifact, which has a different pattern. I do however, believe that my son has some type of dyskinesia/dysautonomia that resulted from the med tx and has not discontinued after stopping the med, but they test for this with different specialists and it is not identified by brain recordings. Hope this helps.
To make muddy waters even more confusing ( although a sleep study is a good idea) my son has frequent spikes and slow waves on his overnign sleep study and the MLST. There are no corrsponding movements associated with the spokes and waves. They won't call them seizures because there is no associated movement. He uses provigil forr excessive daytime tiredness caused by sleep diordered breathing.
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