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Those sound a lot like Simple Partial seizures. My first seizures that I was aware of were Simple Partials, "funny feelings", and occuirred for a couple of years before I finally had a Complex Partial that others could witness. You might be having secondarily generalized seizures, but only a thorough examination and testing will tell for sure.
What dose of Keppra did he put you on? Also, I cannot see any self respecting neurologist much less an Epileptologist so quickly switching to a psych drug, Cymbalta. Geeze! Untrained docs automatically think psych which is a big mistake that we have to pay for. Good luck, and do check him out very thoroughly. There may be a website that has his credentials on it. The hospital or his practice name is a good place to start. Then ask. Docs like this are scary and make me angry. No one can hope to get better if they are not directed to the doc with the proper tools needed for the specific illness. They are not at all interchangeable.
Once, I went to a neurologist whose specialty was headaches. Hardly the one with the proper training I needed for epilepsy, although headaches are considered to be neuro. I was not controlled, and he did nothing, but play with my meds while they got worse and worse. He also jerked me around by sending me to one of "his friends", an epileptologist, at Emory Clinic's Epilepsy Center, who was more concerned/interested in my splenectomy and never mentioned my epilepsy. Told me to go my back to my other doc. This is a dangerous place to me. Was there later as a patient and cold have died. have to do our research carefully. No excuse.
Look for a board certified epileptologist ( with the certificate of completed Fellowship) , and get your PCP to do the referral. That will be easier. Tattoo

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