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Hi Stephanie, I have been on the patch since 2003 and yes, it is a life saver. Once titrated to where I needed it I have been stable for years. I was changed from every 72 to every 48 and that made a tons of difference so hopefully your doc will be open to that.

As far as temperature is concerned, all I can tell you is my experience and then with input from others and your doc you can make your decision. I personally have not had any trouble. I have exercised with the patch and quite vigourously where I sweat, a lot. And I do live in FLorida. I have sun bathed with a pool cage, walked on the beach. We have a hot tub, but when I go in the highest temp I will use is about 97 degrees. My husband uses it at 100. That scare me too much. I also take hot baths but I have no idea what temp the water is. I am careful to not let it get too hot by touch. We also go to the Tampa Bay football games and in August and September that stadium is Hot. My patch is always covered by clothes.

Now I would not sun bathe directly with the sun beating down on the patch. I would cover it with a towel or keep going into cool water. I would not get into a really hot bath or hot tub.

You could also call the makers of the patch and talk with someone who can give you exacts. Just google ortho-mcneil janssen. Look up the contact number. They will be able to tell you specifically.

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