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Default when genes collide

Susan, thanks for the extra information. I have to say that I am really excited to see some similarities in others. Interesting that you mention MS being spoken of as HNPP without brain damage. Myself, my sister and my aunt have been told at various times that MS is at the top of the differential and that it would probably declare itself eventually. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop but it never does. My aunt had the oligoclonal bands in the CSF. None of us has had any demyelenating plaques. I think I'm mostly relieved that HNPP provides an excellent explanation and that we don't have to wait for an eventual, definitive dx of MS.

I also had to laugh when you described getting your cell phone. The same thing happened to me! I hate that you have to keep your elbow bent so far. With a regular phone you can give your elbow a break with your shoulder. I can only go a few minutes without switching hands before my arm goes numb from the elbow down to those lateral fingers. I'm always making excuses to get off my cell phone.

My ankle swells a lot too, but I guess it is what I should expect after so many injuries. I really think my prediliction for numbness is a liability when it comes to my loose jointed tendancy to injure myself.

LizaJane: I remember terrible "growing pains" from childhood and my children have all experienced it as well. My son to the extent that I had him xrayed -- normal of course. My sister has slight scoliosis. My other sister's first 2 children had mild hip displasia. No ADD that I know of <knock on wood>.

Maybe we can form our own rare disease entity..... hmmmmmm.

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