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I have Allsup and I'm still waiting.
Disabled 7-04. I should have filed sooner, but no advice. I was on STD and then LTD thru work. When there was a plant closure I was offered a layoff but I would have to rescind my LTD. That's when the HR rep told me that I should apply for SSDI and that they send the people whose LTD runs out to Allsup. It would have been nice if someone had suggested my applying sooner. I worked less than 3 months (in small pieces), all on rediculously light duty, in 2 years. the rest of the time I was out on LOA, or calling in sick and trying to not get fired for attendance issues because my FMLA had run out. Then I hired Allsup 7-06. Currently trying to get an OTR decision instead of waiting for ALJ.

After all this, I hope Allsup gets good reviews. I have been happy so far, but then again, I have no results yet either.
Try to stay healthy, sane, have fun.
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