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Originally Posted by peaches View Post
I started to write a very long missive about why you might have a pending SSI issue even when you think you never had a claim. It got very technical and boring so I deleted it.

Bottom line; It is possible for someone like you who has obvious excess income to have a pending SSI claim or a pending windfall offset issue that is holding up the release of your retroactive benefits. If you did file an SSI claim, you should have a copy of it with your initial application paperwork and the ALJ should have addressed the SSI filing in your fully favorable and you would have the paragraph in your award letter addressing it.

Is there an SSI windfall pending indicator on the MBR? The TSC can answer that question. If there is, action needs to be taken by the payment center, sometimes with the assistance of the field office. I know this because I am the person in the FO who gets all these phone calls.
No never applied for SSI...I was told in the begining I would not be elligable..
The only thing they said it could be held up in something called "signatures" do to the amount.
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