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THURSDAY OCTOBER 19 - A CHARITY has branded NHS cuts to prescriptions for gluten-free food as 'short sighted' and as taking the 'soft option'.

The newly created Northamptonshire Primary Care Trust (PCT) announced that people suffering from coeliac disease – where they cannot eat products containing gluten – will only be able to get bread and flour mixes on the NHS.

Sarah Sleet, chief executive of Coeliac UK, said: "Of course we understand the PCT's need to deal with its deficit crisis, but its response in imposing severe restrictions on the availability of gluten-free staples is unreasonable.

"The PCT is attempting to restrict all gluten-free prescribing to bread and flour mixes – however, there are other staples, such as pasta, that people with coeliac disease are reliant upon, especially where children are involved."

Although gluten-free staples are available in supermarkets, many are five to eight times more expensive than standard products, putting them out of reach for many sufferers.

The PCT announced the measures as part of a financial cuts aimed to plug a £40million deficit in its budget.
19 October 2006
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The link still works for me

I talked with a physician from the UK today and he said that this is true.
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