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Default Hand raised!....

Rose...can I be your "poster child" for B12 deficiency?!?!!?
Its too bad my very first post from Sept 3, 2004 got lost.
The thread proved how true everything you've written is correct.
Dr's told me all my levels were NORMAL!...yes, but the standards are wrong!
A B 12 level of 232, loss of balance, burning lips, extreme fatigue, mental confusion, Peripheral Neuropathy, severe muscle weakness, muscle twitching and spinal cord pain is NOT normal!
My moderate level sock glove pattern of Peripheral Neuropathy
documented by OHSU teaching hospital.....with that low level of B12 should speak volumes!

I began taking the Methlycobalamin Sept 3, 2004....I was near death then.
Within 10 days I was able to get out of bed after being totally bedridden half a year....
finally I could take my own shower unassisted!

By mid October, I kept the Mayo Clinic appointment made 6 months earlier.
I was doing so well I was able to travel there all by myself!
2 weeks of their thorough testings, they agree'd my symptoms most likely were from B12 deficiency.
I paid how much to learn this? Hhhhhmmmmm! Where's the OMG sticker when you need one?!

My EMG and NC test were then back to NORMAL....B12 level....800+
Most of those horrible symptoms began abating!
My walker sits in my garage....a testament to what's written here on BT
and that Rose is a Godsend to many who are suffering....needlessly!
If only more could find this web site...I pray, pray, pray!

I thank the LORD every single day that I was able to find this web site
and for Rose. She anwered my final plee for help.
God Bless you Rose...and those who support her endeavors!
Well behaved women never make history! Cry & you cry alone...laugh & at my age you'll wet your panties!Some days seem harder than others, you feel can't take another day. Next day brings glorious dawn, dark clouds parted, life's worth living! Looking foward to THE ulitimate glorious day! His own hand shall wipe away our tears, no more pain, sufferering, sadness.
My struggles 24/7: PAIN! Crohns, Fibromyalgia, Hashi-motos, AVM, Peripheral Neuropathy, Rosacia & 3 hangnails, lol!

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