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Hi there,
have you tried looking on they also have a yahoo group,

and there are other CMT forums and websites that support Hnpp. there is CMTA which has a info page.

I was diagnosed 6 years ago. It is very misunderstood, and can cause much hassle. Most treatments are preventative. Braces for foot drop, splints for wrists etc. Pain is becoming more widely recognised as a symptom, but many write-ups will say it is painless, which is just too simplistic in its assesment.

There are only a few of us here with CMT/HNPP and there is a CMT forum. Some of us hang around in chat from time to time.

HNPP - Hereditary Neuropathy with liabilty to pressure palsy.
HNPP UK Links and Info
Hnpp Info page : CMTA : CMT UK
Inner Ear Disease
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