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Default connection between HNPP and hearing loss, vertigo?

I just read your bio on one of the links you posted. The history of hearing loss and vertigo jumped out at me. My grandfather (who complained of numb fingers after doing certain tasks on the farm) became progressively hard of hearing from a young age. My dad, always very protective of his hearing, wearing ear plugs for anything noisy or prolonged, has had the same course. He has the most trouble with his arms going numb in his sleep especially if over his head. He has to call for help to get his arms lowered when this happens. My youngest sister has been going deaf slowly since she was about 35. She hasn't turned 40 yet and is getting a hearing aid.

My sisters and I have all had bouts of vertigo. About 20 years ago I had what was diagnosed as viral labrynthitis. I had about 3 weeks of intense vertigo. At the worst I couldn't tell up from down and wasn't able to get off the bed or walk. Even sitting or lying I was sure I was being pitched through the air and tossed off the bed. I still have moments of really scary dizziness, but they always go away so fast that I haven't mentioned it to a Dr. (I can imagine the conversation: I get dizzy sometimes. Are you dizzy now? No. Were you dizzy today? No. How long does it last? A few seconds. So..... what did you want me to do for you?) My sister that had the foot drop episode has been diagnosed with Menieres. My sister that is going deaf gets dizzy and has a terrible time with motion sickness.

Is this a coincidence or do you think HNPP is related to inner ear problems? I never thought to put them together before.
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