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Talking great info

Thanks Jon, you are a wealth of information. My sister's drop foot episode lasted for about 6 months. She was actually fitted with a brace. Most of the rest of the family and the rest of the episodes are pretty mild. I have had my entire arm go numb for about 6 weeks after gardening. I thought I herniated a disc. The MRI was normal.

This burning sensation over the left face has become a real drag. I am so tired of it after a year and a half. At least since it hasn't progressed to anything more ominous that is good. HNPP actually seems like an excellent fit for a diagnosis. I was hoping for a treatment that would make it just go away. I guess that is not realistic. I have always had to just wait until my episodes resolve on their own in the past.

Although, when I had carpal tunnel syndrome, simply sleeping with the wrist braces worked easily and fairly quickly. I have now 'trained' myself to sleep with my wrists straight and rarely have a problem. (Now I lay on my side at night and wake up with both arms asleep and cartoon-character hands -- feel like they're as big as the bed). At any rate, in my circuitious way -- sorry, I'm thinking that the duration of this may be related to a chronic entrapment, much the same way as my wrists being bent every night in my sleep was causing the carpal tunnel problem. I was once diagnosed with temporo-mandibular joint problems by a dentist. I wore a mouthguard for years to stop grinding my teeth and for headaches. When I had some dental work ages ago I stopped wearing it. Maybe I should get a new one. If the trigeminal nerve is being pinched everytime I open my mouth and especially if I'm clenching or grinding my teeth in my sleep -- when stressed, exactly when this flares-- that may explain a lot.

I think a dentist may be my next stop. Getting the genetic test may be interesting but it seems somewhat unecessary as there isn't much that can be done. I had to laugh at the preventative measures that were listed on the website. All stuff I have been intuitively avoiding since childhood anyway, a no brainer!

It is good to have a name for this, though. My mom, sister and I have all had abnormal EMGs which have caused us all worry and the neurologists just want to keep giving us new EMGs every year to track us. We all said no thank you!! We will have to become sufficiently miserable to repeat that lovely experience.

BTW, my daughter doesn't seem to sense it when she is either hungry or has to urinate. She does both out of habit (she's 13), and when I remind her, and is often surprised at how much better she feels. I'm wondering if she represents the "next generation" of neuro abnormalities. Ever heard of that?
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